SAWID 2003-2013: Celebrating ten years of dialogue, advocacy and applied research

For 10 years now, SAWID has been at the forefront of building the capacities of communities to attain peace and development.

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The Development Caravan Model of Poverty Eradication

devcar snippetSAWID is proud to share its approach as a civil society contribution to the challenge of poverty and inequality in SA.

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Women as Champions of Change

SAWID is very pleased to have commissioned and participated in this research study on SA Women as Champions of Change: A Civil Society Programme of Action for the African Women’s Decade.

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SAWID Development Goals 2003

devgoals Download our original document on SAWID's development goals.

India Brazil South Africa Women's Forum Report

IBSA snippet

The mission of the IBSA Women's Forum is to facilitate joint efforts and collaboration by the three countries in order to transform women's lives. 

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Our regional dialogues

We are in the process of gathering reports from 2013's regional events.  

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Peace & Reconciliation mission


Please visit us again soon for an update on our Peace & Reconciliation programme.

SAWID The Thinker


SAWID is determined to work towards the material and social sustainability of individuals and communities, not by fixing old systems, but by creating targeted, holistic, and coordinated interventions that will result in measurable changes to the day to day conditions of women and the girl-child. 
By Marthe Muller

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Women’s Global Charter for Humanity

We women have been marching a long time to denounce and demand an end to the oppression of women and end the domination, exploitation, egotism and unbridled quest for profit breeding injustice, war, conquest and violence. Our feminist struggles and those of our foremothers on every continent have forged new freedoms for us, our daughters and sons, and all the young girls and boys who will walk the earth after us.

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The Women's Charter for Effective Equality

As women, citizens of South Africa, we are here to claim our rights. We want recognition and respect for the work we do in the home, in the workplace and in the community. We claim full and equal participation in the creation of a non-sexist, non-racist democratic society. We cannot march on one leg or clap with one hand. South Africa is poorer politically, economically, and socially for having prevented more than half of its people from fully contributing to its development.

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